Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Jellyfish Theory

Turritopsis Nutricula

The Theory of Transdifferentiation aka The Jellyfish Theory is a way to study ISMS (racism, sexism, nativism, imperialism, nationalism, etc.) in our history class and investigate how ISMS survive in various shapes and forms over time.  The reason we call it The Jellyfish Theory is based on the Turritopsis Jellyfish which is often called The Eternal Jellyfish.  This jellyfish transforms and reprograms itself from one cellular state to another through a process called transdifferentiation.  It truly is a jellyfish that does not die...unless killed!

For example using racism as our jellyfish:

The Black Codes
Jim Crow Laws
Dejure & Defacto Segregation
Racial Profiling
Police Brutality
Government Programs
Institutional Racism
Mass Incarceration
Media & Entertainment Racism
As you can see, it important before we start "Killing the Jellyfish" we must be very aware of what they look like and where they exist!  They are in the land where "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL"...they are everywhere...
apartheid...caste systems...genocide...ethnic cleansing, etc. and this is just one ISM!
Have we lost our dream...of killing jellyfish?



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